Architecture is every space created by man for man. Either small or big, open or closed, it is a tridimensional puzzle. To solve it, the architect take into account objective issues such as thermal comfort, natural ventilation, size and proximity between spaces and its specific uses. Subjectivety plays an important role as how one perceives architecture. Height relations, scale, transparency or opacity, openess or privacy, the intensity of light, shapes, textures and colour. The walk trough the architectural spaces should always be a pleasent ride, and thus valorized. Architecture is also a language that transmits ideas and sensations. And that is why architecture needs to adress objective and subjective issues with equal relevance to achieve its full aspirations.

That is how architecture is envisioned by Rafael Patalano, founder of PATALANO ARQUITETURA. Graduated at FAU UFRJ in 1997, Rafael Patalano had a fruitful partership with Ivo Mareines over 15 years at MAREINES+PATALANO ARQUITETURA with projects published worlwide in prestigious magazines such as the americans ARCHITECTURAL RECORD and INTERIOR DESIGN. WALLPAPER magazine described the practice as one of Brazil’s GROUND BREAKERS ARCHITECTS. The same statement was given by traditional brazilian magazine AU ARQUITETURA. Projects were awarded by ASBEA-RJ, ASBEA BRASIL, ABRIL-MELHOR DA ARQUITETURA e GRANDE PRÊMIO DA ARQUITETURA CORPORATIVA. Experienced in residential, educational, cultural and offices design, Rafael Patalano had recently his first international working experience, a successful house design for an american client in the caribbean, more precisely in Punta Cana, his last collaboration at MAREINES+PATALANO ARQUITETURA.

The founding of PATALANO ARQUITETURA begins a new professional chapter where Rafael Patalano can adress his beliefs in a more autonomous and truthful way. With freshness, uniqueness and enthusiasm. Qualities that will always generate technically efficient buildings that are meant to please its users souls.

"Architecture is every space created by man for man. Either small or big, open or closed, it is a tridimensional puzzle"

Rafael Patalano


Rafael Patalano